Alabwaz Branches


Our Georgian branch leads the global growth and creative marketing direction of our brand. Our head office is located in the modern and eclectic capital of the country, Tbilisi.

Our team supports you in making the best real estate investing decision, guiding you through every step. Georgia is a booming real estate market thanks to its location, favourable climate, and European dimension. Its main cities Tbilisi and Batumi are modern, multicultural hubs for entertainment, recreation, culture, and development.

Georgia is formally applying for European Union membership in 2024, and Georgian residents can already travel to the Schengen Area without a visa.

Georgia offers investors the access to 3.7 million residents, and 2.3 billion markets without customs duty thanks to its free trade agreements. Georgia also ranks 1st in Europe for ease of doing business and 6th in Europe for economic freedom, and remains welcoming to foreigners with a large focus on services, tourism, and development.

Working Hours: 10 to 19.00 (Monday to Friday) 10 to 16.00 (Saturday)

(+995) 577 46 21 70

76 Merab Kostava St, Tbilisi, Georgia


Our Egyptian branch, located in New Cairo, close to Cairo metropolis, welcomes local and international clients for various opportunities in the country.

Our dedicated team in Cairo assists clients to invest in property for sale in Batumi and Tbilisi, as well as other prestige real estate housing options in Egypt.

Egypt is one of the leading global hubs for real estate investment, with the state paying particular attention to the sector and identifying it as crucial to the country’s economic growth.

Working Hours: 10 to 19.00 (Saturday to Wednesday) 10 to 16.00 (Thursday)

(+20) 1050413555

Villa 208 El Banafseg 11, First Settlement, New Cairo

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Our UAE branch is located in Dubai, the megacity of the future, and welcomes global clients in its modern, functional office. It was the first branch to be established.

Our Emirates team is specialized in consulting and assisting clients in obtaining the Georgia investment visa. The country is moving closer to Europe, therefore any Georgian residents could also obtain European residency in the future.

The Dubai international real estate sector is renowned for being one of the most innovative and fastest-growing markets in the world, as more and more projects get green-lighted to completion.

Working Hours: 10 to 19.00 (Saturday to Wednesday) 10 to 16.00 (Thursday)

(+971) 508937172⁩

Office No. 2904,  Floor No.29, Latifa Tower, Trade Center 1, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Our Qatari branch is located in Doha, one of the largest political and economic hubs of the MENA region.

The Qatari team is ready to give clients support to buy property in Georgia and get residency in the country, as Georgia remains a gateway to European standards of living.

Qatar’s real estate sector is set to experience strong growth in the next years, as the Lusail, The Pearl and West Bay near completion.

Working Hours: 10 to 19.00 (Saturday to Wednesday) 10 to 16.00 (Thursday)

(+974) 44446680

Office No. 803, Golden Building, Third Ring, Doha, Qatar.

Saudi Arabia

Our company has two branches in Saudi Arabia dedicated to welcoming clients from the country. We are present both in the capital Riyadh and in the gateway port city of Jeddah.

Our team will be happy to assist clients, offering the best place to buy property, consultations regarding location value, and on how to get residency in Georgia.

Saudi Arabia’s real estate sector is one readying its motors at the starting line. The state is particularly focused on developing the international metropolises of Jeddah and Riyadh as they become global centres for commerce and cultural initiatives.

Jeddah Office:

Working Hours: 10 to 19.00 (Saturday to Wednesday) 10 to 16.00 (Thursday)

(+966) 0567891272

Office 4002, Al-Khuraiji Center, Madinah Al Munawwarah Road, Al Rawda District, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh Office:

Working Hours: 10 to 19.00 (Saturday to Wednesday) 10 to 16.00 (Thursday)

(+966) 555808243

Office No. 9, Alsahab Towers, King Abdullah Road Ext. 10, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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