We provide premium housing options built from high-quality materials in safe and eco-friendly spaces.

Our company

Alabwaz is a regional real estate leader with multiple projects in Europe and the Arab world. As an international brand, we focus on developing and committing to the highest standards of inclusivity, workplace safety, and high-quality living for our clients.

Our history begins in 2018 in Dubai. In 2019 we set up our branch in Georgia, identifying the country as a commercial and cultural nexus that would drive our expansion upwards. Today, we are among the fastest-growing real estate developers in the region, a leading property management partner for global clients, and among the top 20 companies for foreign direct investment in Georgia.

Our identity

Your comfort and safety are key priorities for us. We have a long-term commitment to green economy and sustainability, and we will always take into account the needs of the environment and of the people.

Inclusivity in our company is also crucial: we run six branches in two continents, managing a team of over 200 people from 10+ nationalities. Alabwaz prizes diversity and tolerance wherever it operates.

Our mission

We believe in the value of safe, comfortable housing for everyone, and we ensure comfort and safety by developing spaces in contact with nature and built with high-quality materials.

Moreover, we strive to implement premium standards from European industry leaders within our organization to become a trusted, reliable global actor for development, property management, and consulting.


Our commitment to sustainable growth is at the forefront of our business goals. Such commitment also forms the basis of our social responsibility, for which we have developed an ambitious strategy.

Prioritizing sustainability means being aware of the threats of climate change, automation of work, and overconsumption of resources. All these challenges threaten the well-being of our species and planet. From this consideration, we set forth our dedication to a future where human growth and nature not only coexist but become codependent.

Workplace Equality

We actively promote and are committed to ensuring workplace diversity and equal opportunities. Equality kindles the team spirit motivating each one in Alabwaz to develop at the fullest of their potential. Up to 50% of our employees are women in key roles, shaping the future of our company.

Our services

We support our clients in making their best real estate investment, thanks to our expertise, dedicated team, and quality service.

Real Estate Development

We build unique and ultramodern projects in the most exciting locations to provide the perfect housing opportunities for all our clients and their families.

We develop using premium quality construction and finishing materials, and always provide safe facilities and excellence of services for owners.

Real Estate Consulting

We advise clients on buying and selling opportunities through strategic analysis of the market, property pricing, and location.

Our integrated, dedicated team of consultants have decade-long experience in the industry and aim to guarantee your investment and satisfaction.

Property Management

We assist our owners and investors by providing renovation, finishing, and maintenance services, maximizing their benefits and sharing our expertise of the industry.

Our partners

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